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Dwarf Iris - Reticulata

reticulata-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn-April/May.

Aspect: Full sun.  Grow well in pots or ground

Soil: Well drained soil.

Depth & Spacing: Plant 12 cm deep and 8 cm apart. Pointy end up.

Fertiliser: Blood and bone, complete garden fertilizer.

Watering: Water well after planting. Keep moist, but not too wet.  Once foliage starts dying down, stop watering.

Flowers:  Early spring, with several small blooms on short stems.

After Flowering Care:  Remove spent flowers but not foliage. Leave foliage to die down naturally, as it will feed back into the bulbs for next years flowering energy. Top dress with blood & bone.

Trouble Shooting:    Rust, fungal disease can affect the foliage.  For control remove effected foliage or dusting with a sulphur powder.