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Alstromeria - Peruvian Lily

alstromeria-c.jpgOn Arrival:  Plant immediately.

Aspect:  Full sun to part shade.

Soil:  Any.

Fertiliser:  Blood and bone and complete garden fertilizer.

Depth & Spacing:  Plant 10-15 cm deep in clumps and approx. 50cm apart.

Watering:   Keep   moist.  Once established these very hardy plants can   survive  without  water.  They will go dormant and respond again when watered or when it rains.

Flowering:  Flowers appear from September through to February depending on conditions.  Feeding with liquid fertiliser during flowering will give you larger and deeper coloured flowers.  Excellent for cut flowers with long vase life.  Plants can be left undisturbed for years.

Dividing:  When left undisturbed for years tubers will eventually push up out of the ground as they multiply; this will not effect their flowering. Clumps can be divided easily using a garden fork, with new groups created by placing
tubers in clusters.