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anemones-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn, March-May.

Aspect: Full sun or part shade.

Soil:  Well drained with plenty of compost or well rotted manure dug into soil before planting.

Depth & Spacing: Plant pointed end down, 5-7 cm d eep, 10-15 cm apart.

Fertiliser: If planted in well-prepared soil they should not need fertilising
until the buds appear. Apply liquid fertiliser at this time and after flowering.  .

Watering: Water well after planting, keep moist. Give deep weekly watering during growth and flowering. Once foliage  starts  dying  down, stop watering.

After Flowering Care:  Cut off spent flowers and fertilise, keep watered until leaves turn yellow. Allow foliage to die down naturally.  Bulbs may be left undisturbed for three years, after this, it is best to replace with new stock.  If you are lifting bulbs, do so as soon as the foliage dies down and store them in a clean  dry, airy place.