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Grape Hyacinths

muscari-c.jpgPrior to Planting: Store in a cool airy place.

Planting Time: Autumn April/May.

Aspect: Can be grown in full sun to part shade. Ideal for edges or pots, look wonderful when planted with miniature daffodils.

Soil: Well drained soil with plenty of organic matter incorporated before planting.

Fertiliser: Blood and bone with complete garden fertiliser at planting and after flowering.

Planting: Plant 5cm deep and 5-8cm apart. Can be left undisturbed for years.
Flowers:  Spring.

After Flowering Care:  When flowers have finished remove spent flowers but not any foliage until they have died down.  Keep watered while still green.  During this time the foliage feeds back into the corm storing energy for next year’s flowers.

Trouble Shooting:   Protect from snails and slugs.