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blue-bluebells-scillas-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn.

Aspect: Prefers dappled sunlight or places where they recieve some morning sun with the shade later in the day. However, they will grow in the full sun, but if hot conditions occur during flowering, flowers will not last as long.  Will naturalise easily.

Soil: Well drained rich soil with lots of humus but will do well in poor soils.

Depth & Spacing: Plant bulbs 5 cm deep and about 8 - 10 cm apart - (pointy end up).

Fertilizer: Compelete garden fertiliser.

Watering: Watering regular and deep while in leaf and flowering, but relatively dry through dormancy.

After Flowering Care: Remove spent flowers and continue to water until the foilage dies down. The bulbs are best left undisturbed.

Trouble Shooting: Flowers can tend to finish quickly if conditions are too hot. In warmer areas plant in a cooler spot.