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liliums-c.jpgHeight: Oriental & Oriental Hybrids, Tiger Lily & Asiatic Tiger Lily: 60-90cm, Asiatic & LA Liliums: 50-80cm.

Planting Time: (Plant immediatley on arrival)   As the bulbs should not be allowed to dry out, you should keep them in the crisper of your fridge if you can’t plant them immediately.

Aspect: Semi shade or dappled light. Lilies thrive in filtered light in warmer areas but full sun is suitable in cooler area. Liliums also need some protection from strong winds and should therefore be planted between taller shrubs, under trees or by supporting with a stake or wire mesh.

Soil: Rich, moist, well drained & cool is ideal. Mulching can be very helpful in keeping the roots cool.  In Pots - Good quality potting mix (this should include a wetting agent).

Fertilising: Top dress with a complete fertiliser twice annually, once at planting and again after flowering. We find that Liliums respond well if mulched with a layer of compost mixed with blood and bone.

Depth and Spacing: Dig hole 12cm deep and twice as wide as the bulbs to allow for the roots to spread out. Space Orientals 30-50cm apart Asiatics & LA’s 25-30cm apart.

Watering:  Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, during the growing period.

Flowers: Late Spring, Summer depending on variety.

After flowering Care: Remove flowers as they die and then the whole stem once the foliage browns. Liliums are best left undisturbed. If you need to lift the bulbs because they are becoming over-crowded, dig the bulbs whilst they are dormant (late Autumn-Winter) and replant them immediately.

Cut Flowers: Liliums make breathtaking cut flowers as they are all long lasting and many have a delightful fragrance. When cutting the flowers, cut them only to the length you need so that the remainder of the stem can be left to build up the bulb for the following season.

Trouble Shooting:  Snails, slugs, thrips, aphids. Bytryis fungal disease, treat with fungal spray to control.