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rhubarb-c.jpgPlant:  Immediately on arrival.

Aspect:  Full sun to light shade.

Soil:  Almost any well drained soil.

Fertiliser:  At planting, well rotted manure and Potato E fertiliser. Topdress with a complete garden fertiliser during growing season.

Planting:   Plant in Spring, 70-90cm apart, just below the surface of soil with top of crown where shoot is just showing.

Picking Time:   If planted in spring first picking will start in Autumn.  Once established, picking can be throughout the year as stalks and leaves mature.  To pick just pull stems from crown do not cut then from crown.  Leaves are poisonous and should not be eaten.

Trouble Shooting: If too wet the crown will rot.  Common pest are Black Beetle, cluster caterpillar, slugs and snails.