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Grow Dutch Iris

dutch-iris-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn-April/May.

Aspect: Full Sun to light shade with some protection from wind.

Soil: Free draining with decayed compost or manure dug in a month or so before planting.

Depth & Spacing: Plant 10-15 cm deep and 10-15 cm apart. Pointy end up.

Fertiliser: If the soil has been well prepared little or no fertiliser is needed. In poor soil a little blood and bone can be applied once leaves emerge.

Watering: Water well after planting. Keep moist, but not too wet. Give deep weekly watering during growth and flowering. Once foliage starts dying down, stop watering.

After Flowering Care: Allow foliage to die down naturally. Bulbs may be left undisturbed for several years or until the floral display begins to deteriorate. If you are lifting bulbs, do so as soon as the foliage dies down and store the clean bulbs in a mesh bag in a cool, dry, airy place.

Trouble Shooting: Few problems but bulbs rot easily if over watered or if the soil is poorly drained.