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hippeastrums-c.jpgPlanting Time:  July- August.

Aspect:  Filtered light, protection from hot sun desired. Can be grown in the
garden or pots.

Soil: Well drained, enriched with organic matter.  In pots use a well drained
potting mix. Check pH is between 6.5 to 7.

Fertilizer:  A well balanced liquid fertilizer applied fortnightly from planting to the end of April, or a slow release fertiliser.  Dress with Sulphate of Potash early in Autumn to assist with next seasons flowering.

Depth & Spacing:  Plant bulbs 20cm apart in the ground, in pots allow 3cm between side of pot and edge of bulb.  Plant bulb with neck and shoulder above soil.  Planting too deep can effect flowering.  Form a mound in centre of pot/hole, spread roots over mound, fill with soil/potting mix until 2/3 of bulb is covered.

Flowering:  First flowers can appear before leaves with a second flowering later in some varieties. Flowering commences early October.

Watering:  Water thoroughly after planting, keep moist.  Water regularly during growth and flowering.  Stop watering during winter, May - July.

After Flowering Care: Remove spent or damaged foliage and flower heads. Can be left in the ground or pots for a number of years, repot when crowded.

Trouble Shooting: Snails, slugs, thrips, looper grubs and slaters.  Fungus disease, leaf Scorch or Red Rust (Stagonospora Curtisii), treat with Benlate and Mancozeb regularly.