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triteleia-hollywood-star-c.jpgPrior to Planting:  Store in a cool airy place.

Planting Time: Autumn March-May.

Aspect:  Open sunny position.

Soil:  Almost any well drained soil, not especially rich.

Fertiliser:  If desired, complete plant food when buds first appear.   No other fertiliser is necessary.

Planting:  Plant 8-10 cm deep and 15-20 cm apart in autumn.
Watering:  Keep moist whilst growing. Dry during summer.

Flowers:       Spring or early summer depending on the area. Unless you want seed, cut off the flowering stem once it is past it peak.

Cut Flowers:  Blooms last well as a cut flower.

Trouble Shooting:  No specific pest or disease problems.

Storage: If in summer rainfall, lift corms once foliage has died. Allow to dry in shade, Store in a cool, dry place.