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hyacinths-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn-April/May.

Aspect: Do well in sun or part shade but not heavy shade. Hyacinths can be grown in the garden or pots so you can bring them inside to enjoy and even in a hyacinth glass vase in water.

Soil: Well drained and enriched with organic matter.
Fertilizer: A complete fertilizer or blood & bone at planting and after flowering, Sulphate of Potash.

Depth & Spacing: Plant bulbs 10-15 cm apart and 10-15 cm deep in pots, just under the surface. Mulch with compost.

Watering: Water thoroughly after planting. Keep moist. Water regularly during growth and flowering.

After Flowering Care: Remove spent flower heads and fertilizer with blood & bone or a complete fertilizer. Keep watered until leaves start to turn yellow. They can be left in the ground from year to year. In warmer areas they may benefit from prechilling and will need to be lifted.

Trouble Shooting: Generally no problems