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Peacock Iris

peacock-iris-c.jpgPrior to Planting: Store in a cool airy place.

Planting Time:  Autumn.

Aspect: Full sun.

Soil: Well drained with plenty of compost or well rotted manure dug into soil before planting.

Fertiliser: Blood and bone with complete garden fertiliser.

Planting: Plant corms 5 cm deep and about 10-15 cm apart.

Fertiliser:  If planted in well-prepared soil   they  should  not  need  fertilising
until   the   buds  appear.  Apply  liquid fertiliser then and again after flowers have finished.

Watering:  Water well after planting,  keep moist.  Once foliage starts dying down, stop watering.
After Flowering Care:  Allow foliage to die down naturally.  Bulbs may be left undisturbed for years, however if you have wet summer it is best to lift bulbs and store in a dry place and replant in the Autumnn. If you are lifting bulbs, do so as soon as the foliage dies down and store the clean bulbs in a dry, airy place.