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Growing Daylilies

daylilies-c.jpgAspect:  Full sun to part shade.

Soil:  Any type.

Fertiliser:  Complete garden fertiliser or organic, Dynamic Lifter is excellent with the addition of Sulphate of Potash in the Autumn and Spring.

Depth & Spacing: Plant to where leaves and roots meet, one metre apart.

Watering: When planting, water well. These are very hardy plants which can tolerate dry conditions once established
but will not thrive without watering.

Flowering:  Flowers appear from late spring/early summer, some varieties flower thorughout the year.  Plants can be left undisturbed for years.

Dividing:  Clumps can be divided easily by cutting ‘fans’ from clumps.

Trouble Shooting:  Aphids, Thrip and Spider Mite can attack them.  Watering during the heat of day can control Thrip and  Spider  Mite.  Or   treat  with   any recommend chemical spray.