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Snow Drops

snow-drops-c.jpgPlanting Time: Autumn March-May.

Aspect: Full sun or part shade.

Soil: Well drained - but are very adaptable. Will tolarate moist areas but not boggy soils. Enrich with organic matter.

Depth & Spacing: Plant pointy end up 5-7 cm deep and 3-10 cm apart in groups for best effect.

Fertilizer: Only after flowering with decayed manure or compost.

Watering: Water well after planting, then give deep weekly watering during growth and flowering. Once foilage starts dying down, stop watering.

After Flowering Care: Cut off spent flowers and fertilise, deep watered until leaves turn yellow. Allow foilage to die down naturally. Bulbs may be left undisturbed for years.  If you are lifting bulbs, do so as soon as the foilage dies down and store the clean bulbs in a cool, dry, airy place.

Trouble Shooting: No specific problems